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Assurance of Learning

  The NCCU College of Commerce aims to offer an education platform to help students learn and grow.  With complete education planning, graduates can use their knowledge and skills in their future careers.  Adapting to AACSB International Accreditation, we’ve executed the “AoL (Assurance of Learning)” project since 2005. We have finished three complete cycles and are heading toward the 4th cycle. During these cycles, we’ve relied on great communication with education institutions. Therefore, the NCCU College of Commerce has built a complete system to continually improve the current education environment.

  AoL is a continuous process. It helps students achieve preset learning goals through academic learning. AoL is a dynamic process. It describes how to find the direction for the improvement of the education environment through measurement results and creates an SOP for academic education.  We can bring substantial benefits to the entire education environment on campus and students through this project.

  On the whole, AoL (Assurance of Learning) strengthens the environment of educational practice in the NCCU College of Commerce. It integrates the international, innovative, professional and cultural perspectives of the College into courses. At the same time, it helps students enhance learning achievement.