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EQUIS Accreditation

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  EFMD is the abbreviation of the European Foundation for Management Development.  Members come from education, industry, non-profit organization and management elites in various fields. They come from more than 70 countries. There are more than 600 institutional members and more than 15,000 individual members.
 EFMD was created to act as a bridge between academia and industry, to enhance the education quality of the member schools, and offer an interactive platform for professionals, institutions and international organizations of business management. Various business school accreditation certificates (e.g. EQUIS and EPAS), and corporation accreditation certificates (e.g. CLIP) are issued as follows.

  The EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System ) and AACSB are two major global authoritative business school accreditation certificates issued by the EFMD.  EQUIS accreditation focuses on “globalization” and “cooperation among corporations”. It is an elite certificate and is only granted to top schools worldwide.  More than 600 institutions have received AACSB accreditation, but only 170 schools have received EQUIS accreditation, and all of them are top colleges around the world.

  The NCCU College of Commerce has passed EQUIS accreditation since 2010. It actively cooperates with elite EQUIS members (institutions). It has received a five-year accreditation, the highest honor of EQUIS since 2016. It has become the first and the only school with these three international business school accreditation certificates.